Bombay Tuna Salad
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Drain a 6-ounce can of chunk white tuna packed in water and place in a bowl. Mix with 1/4-cup fat-free mayonnaise 1 celery stalk, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons minced red onion 2 tablespoons sliced almonds 2 tablespoons golden raisins 2 … Read More

Eggs Florentine 4 PointsPlus Value
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Serves: 4 Ingredients 2 item(s) English wheat muffin(s), split in half 4 large egg(s) 1/4 tsp table salt 10 oz chopped frozen spinach, thawed and excess water squeezed out 1 Tbsp fat free mayonnaise 1/2 tsp lemon pepper, seasoning 2 … Read More

Skinny Fries
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Name one person you know that doesn’t love fries! I bet you can’t find one. That’s totally normal, we all love fries, our kids love them, our parents love them. It’s in our blood. But we always try to prevent … Read More

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Broccoli and cauliflower lovers, this recipe is for you! The combination of these two vegetables is just amazing, it makes everything delicious! Today, i’m presenting you these beautiful tots. It’s easy to make, healthy and flavory! Check it out. Cauliflower … Read More

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You’re worried about your eating habbits? What’s better than having a nice healthy meal from time to time? This creamy vegan broccoli cauliflower soup is just perfect. It’s rich, delicious and most of all so healthy. Check out how it’s … Read More

Skinny Shrimp Scampi over Low Carb Zoodles
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Noodles are just delicious, so many flavors, so many ways to prepare them. Today I’m presenting you a skinny shrimp scampi over low carb noodles. The combination of zoodles, pepper, and shrimps is just ridiculously delicious. With a little touch … Read More

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